Allure of Pheromones in Perfumes

Allure of Pheromones in Perfumes

Although sense of smell in humans is not as strong as in other animals, the power of pheromones to attract other members of our species is scientifically undeniable. The body secretes compounds that are released into the air through sweat and urine, transmitting odor signals that provoke a behavioral response in others. Unlike scents of fruit, plants, and food that are the basis of most perfume products, human pheromones are perceived through an area of the nose called the vomeronasal organ. Some human scents are not even consciously discernible, yet they are extremely powerful. Even the most subtle odors picked up with this special organ activate the hypothalamus, the area of the brain responsible for controlling emotions, hormones, and sex drive. Of course, the alluring power of our own personal scent is available to each of us naturally, but with modern day practices of showering often and wearing layers of clothing can mask this magical odor. So, will wearing the properties of this naturally enticing chemical turn your perfume into an instant love potion? The answer is yes– it can make you more approachable and even improve your sex life if you know how to use it properly.


It wasn’t long after pheromones were first discovered in humans and well established as potent chemical agents between men and women that they made their way into popular perfume for general consumers. In 1986, biologist Winifred Culter and her colleagues published findings of a detectable chemical in humans that had similar pheromonal effects to those in the animal kingdom. Culter led an experiment in which pheromones were extracted from male and female armpit secretions and then frozen. After a year, the research team thawed the specimens and applied them to the upper lip of subjects. click here for more details.
The findings were significant; compared to placebo subjects, subjects wearing pheromones from fertile men and women showed an increased frequency of intimate behaviors such as kissing, petting, affection, and intercourse. With the patent of a pheromone perfume formula in 1993, Cutler was able to help a portion of menopausal women who had experienced a decline in sexual intimacy and attractiveness as they aged. By 1995, topical versions were available for both men and women.


40 years ago, Dr. Martha McClintock suspected that the synchrony of menstrual cycles among women living communally was related to personal scent, and in 1998, she found that pheromones, extracted in a similar process to that of Cutler’s study, worn on female subjects’ mustache regions caused women’s periods to change according to those they were living with. The same primers found to influence hormone levels during menstrual cycles also influence mood and can act as a sexual attractant. Brain imaging studies focusing on the hypothalamus have found that women are turned on when they sense testosterone-like chemical substances, namely androstenone, and not estrogen-like ones, while men are turned on by estrogen-like chemicals, namely estratetraenol, as opposed to ones similar to testosterone.for further details, visit :

Allure of Pheromones in Perfumes
So-called “pheromone parties” are even becoming trendy in big cities like Los Angeles and New York. Like in speed dating, hopeful singles choose date partners based on quick first impressions, but in this case, that impression is solely based on biology! By smelling sweaty clothing items, people pick who they would like to get to know more. How’s that for the power of human smell!?


In addition to potentially increasing physical attractiveness, pheromones can also effect our feeling of well-being, thus luring in possible mates with our pleasant attitudes and confidence. University of Utah anatomist and CEO of Pherin Pharmaceuticals Dr. David Berliner has recognized how pheromones calm the body, stabilizing heart and breathing rates. Pherin Pharmaceuticals is currently expanding the role of synthetic pheromones in perfumes to address anxiety disorders, premenstrual issues in women, and enlarged prostates in men.


If the idea of wearing pheromones in social situations sounds convincing to you, take precautions to ensure that your body does not have an adverse reaction to a new product. -Pheromones might not work for you depending on the bacterial components of your skin, but applying perfume to clothing can be just as successful as applying it directly to skin, and it might even last longer. In fact, if your skin absorbs too much agent, it can result in build-up that cause negative reactions. -If you want to take the more natural route and apply them to skin, be careful to follow the bottle instructions and know that the product will last about 6-8 hours or longer if not washed off. -Because of biological patterning, women should always use perfumes intended for women and vise versa for men, regardless of one’s sexual orientation. -Remember that a little goes a long way! A minimum concentration of at least 0.015% is necessary to see results, but wearing more will not increase effectiveness and will only dig into your wallet. Just a drop on each wrist will be enough! -Be careful to buy a product that is right for you. Some companies take advantage of advertised effects of their products to include hormones from other animals. Pig and deer enhanced scents not only won’t work to attract other people, but putting hormones from another species on your body just sounds pretty gross! -Do your research to be sure that the scent won’t be too strong; impurities and other artificial additives can result in detectible odors. If the scent is too strong and you wish to mix with additional cologne or spray, make sure that it is safe to mix products. -Some people cannot smell androstenone– a chemical found in sweat and urine. Get friends and family to verify that the product is appropriate to wear out in public so you do not offend those around you with you smell! -Perfume is most potent when worn around someone you want to attract when you meet them for the first time. Connection between the chemicals and the brain can take around twenty minutes, but a conditioned response can occur within an instant!

By incorporating pheromone containing perfumes in your life, you might just be on your way to a more confident you! They might just be the thing you need to make that next great first impression!…

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