Best Perfume For Women Guide – Application and Storage

Best Perfume For Women Guide - Application and Storage

When considering what kind of perfumes to buy, keep in mind that just like your retina and fingerprints, your sense of smell is unique. How you smell and feel about any fragrance is also unique. It is good to take the time and explore what perfumes work best with your body chemistry. You can’t assume that a perfume that smells great on a friend will be great on you.

So how do you know which fragrances will make you feel beautiful, sexy, powerful or however you want to feel? It helps to understand the different types of perfumes and colognes available, what their fragrance family, fragrance notes and fragrance concentrations levels are.related info.

There are a few simple facts that will prove useful in your understanding of and shopping for perfumes.

Where Do Perfumes Fragrances Come From?

Perfumes are a blend of essential oils and aroma components, and solvents made to give people an enjoyable smell. The most concrete way to describe a scent is based on three things. The fragrance family it belongs to, the fragrance notes of the scent and how concentrated it is. All three factors affect the overall impression of perfume from when you first put it on to the last lingering hint of a fragrance long after you have left.

The Fragrance Families of Perfumes.

The type of scent of its primary ingredient can be used to classify a perfume. A fragrance can be created from a few different scent families. Some of these scent families may not work for you. These fragrance families have been defined and labelled. By knowing where different fragrances are from, you can more easily find the types of perfumes which fit perfectly with your body chemistry to create a great aroma.

The Scent Families are:

1. Floral – Made from a variety of flowers, these are quite feminine and romantic.Best Perfume For Women Guide - Application and Storage

2. Orientals – Based in camphor oils they include spices, balsams, resins and amber. They smell of musk, vanilla and spices and are intense, sexy exotic. They are considered best for evening events and special events

3. Woody– From the bark and oils of natural woods and other fragrances you might find in a forest

4. Fresh or Citrus– Based on the scent of citrus fruits they are energetic and fresh

5. Fougère – based on lavender & coumarin scents. It is very common in men’s perfumes. Smells like wood mixed with herbs.

6. Leather: Based on the scents of leather, wood, honey & tobacco. Very masculine.

Detecting Fragrance Notes Like A Musician Detects Musical Notes.

Perfumes are composed of three notes: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Top notes are scents that can be detected as soon as you smell the perfume, they make that critical first impression. They are followed by the middle notes and then gradually replaced by the lingering base notes.

Differences in Perfume Strengths

The most basic strength type of a perfume is a true perfume. (A pure perfume.). If you wear a true perfume even if discounted, you will have a small but expensive bottle of the highest concentration of the fragrance.

The type and quantity of solvent mixed in with the fragrance oil dictate whether a perfume is considered a true perfume, a perfume extract, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Cologne, or eau de toilette. True perfume is more stable than cologne as cologne has more alcohol in it.

Learning More about Perfumes Families and Notes

If you want to be familiar more about perfumes, taking the time to explore these different fragrance families, notes and the concentrations will be very useful. By looking at the most popular name brand fragrances and figuring out what groups they fall into, you can quickly determine what the scent will be like.…

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